Fenty Beauty by Rihanna|1st Impression|Full Face

Hey Loves, lets just say this weekend has been nothing short than AMAZING. This weekend was NYFW and Rihanna released Fenty Beauty. Now I was a little skeptical because a lot of times celebrities will release a product that they have not worked on and put their name on it and just promote it as if they did. However in this case it looks like Rihanna took a different approach. It seem as though she took her time in formulating a product that is universal to all shades and amplifies the natural beauty.

For my 1st time trying the product I wanted to test a few key pieces that I knew I would use on the daily basis. These products are the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longer Foundation, Match Stix Trio, and Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

So lets go back way back, back in to timmeeeee. I mean back to Saturday of course 😂 I walked into Sephora and there was no guessing where the Fenty Beauty was located, there was a crowd around the display along with people getting their foundation shades matched. Now normally I would match by myself and things seemed to workout when I did that. However, this time seemed a little tricky because RiRi decided to get excited and make a 40 shade line of foundations 😳😳😳 Yea you heard me right 40 different shades. I was so EXCITED I can’t even lie. The hardest thing is hoping you were one shade but take it home and it is the totally incorrect shade. 😭😩

So I sat in the chair the Sephora Associate grabbed 430 first tried it on my skin looked very even however this is kind of my summer shade and we are heading into winter and I won’t be this same shade so I tried a shade lighter 420 and that shade worked well as well. So I figured out what shade I was had already looked at the lip gloss and Match Stix Trio and was ready to get the foundation and the associate said Oh I am so sorry we are sold out of the 420 my ❤️ dropped to the ground. I think she sensed it and said what I could do is get you a sample and we can order the shade online and have it delivered to you.

Not my ideal way to get my makeup but this foundation was PERFECTION, or from what I could see it was perfection 👀👀 So I ordered it and got the rest of my stuff took it home. I could not wait to try this makeup on a full face.

Want to see how everything turned out Click the link below to check out my honest opinions it gets juicy

Fenty Beauty| First Impression| Full Face


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