Dresslily Wig Review💁🏽💕

Where do I begin honey? When I say I love this wig it is hardly an understatement. Just like many people you don’t want to have to break the bank for a wig. Wigs can be very expensive!

This was my first time checking out Dresslily.com and I’m going to be 💯 I was nervous as ever. It seemed too good to be true. Like $12 for a wig nah it has to be something wrong with it right???🤔 I sat on my bed contemplating on if I should do it or not watched a few reviews on Youtube and decided its only $12 if its horrible its not like I waste mad money.

I ordered on Thursday July 20, 2017 the wig was delivered on Monday July 31, 2017. So it took a little over a week or so to come in the mail. Thats not crazy long however if you are wanting the wig for a special event or something I would order early enough or rush delivery as that is an option.

Audiors Synthetic Wig Straight Bob

Length: 12 inches Color: Black

Dresslily Wig

Now that the specs are out the way lets talk wig honey. The wig comes in a plastic bag, when it comes out the shape is slightly distorted but that came be fixed with a quick brush through and bump using low settings with a flat iron. The wig has a nice natural flow, good movement, and very soft.


Cons to this wig ……………… I really have nothing lol 😂 Oh wait yes I do the part is slightly challenging. As you can tell in the picture above that is after I did some work on it. the wig comes with a white part and I’m sorry my scalp is not white. Heck whose scalp is really white 🤔 It would have been better if the part came nude or tan. But what I did to try and make it better was grab concealer and foundation the same as your skin tone and use an angled brushed to apply to your actual part and the part of the wig. It helps it look a little less “wiggy”

IMG_5009Other than the part issue, I have no complaints. The wig was worth what I paid for it and I cannot wait to try some more from Dresslily.com Let me know below if you have tried some wigs from Dresslily or other online sites and what was your thoughts. Linked below is a link to My Youtube video showing how I applied the wig and made the correction to the part.IMG_4998 See you in the next post 😘 Dresslily Wig Review



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