Walk in your Purpose

Ever wondered what your purpose was? I mean like really sat down to try and figure out what your purpose was??? Well lets just say over the past few months I been really asking myself what am I here for. What am I good at? What do I love to do without hesitation. Two things makeup and styling. Putting different looks together understanding my curves and what look good on my body type, and completing a makeup that coincides Perfectly! Continue Reading and you’ll get to understand my thought process in walking in my current purpose……

fa79ec77-e5ba-4933-9c99-29a7388a9795Blurred vision becomes clearer once you step out your comfort zone and allow your creativity to flow. Let’s be honest #issa not going to be easy, but it definitely has to happen and rewarding in the end. Now lets think the best things tend to happen when we are put under pressure. So I sat in my room one random night and like any other night I was thinking about shopping. Crazy I know don’t judge me! The thing is I was not thinking of clothes in a way to shop and just have clothes it was a thought of creating different outfits.

Now, I am currently on a shopping Hiatus, because i need to hone in on my shopping addiction lol (admitting is the first step lol ) so I have been trying to revamp current clothes in my closet and make them relevant for the current time. Personally I think High waist shorts +6-will always be on trend. So I started to think what would I pair with these shorts. Mind you I got these shorts from Forever 21 maybe 2-3 years ago and they are amazing. The shorts have a good stretch, distressed in all the right places, and the Harry Potter Wizardry of it all it does not have a front zipper, it is four buttons and all are covered minus the top button. Wahlah Magic lol.

I like jeans with all buttons but I do not like them to all be seen it seems very middle school / High school … To ME!!!! Ya’ll Know what I’m talking about, remember when everyone had the highwaisted pants/skirts with the gold 3-4 buttons. … I couldn’t stand it. but I digress do you boo 🙂

43e57963-c866-4bd5-809e-6a2fc6a81630Traveling back to your purpose, you have to make sure once you have grabbed that key passion/purpose you have to figure out how you are going to support that passion/purpose. My prior post I have been saying how much I am excited about Spring because it brings the warm weather but on most Spring nights #ISSA chilly so I needed to figure out how I could still rock my shorts and not have all my legs out or in my case be cold. (Man I swear I stay cold) Light bulb moment Thigh High Boots. #MajorKey Recently before I went on my “Shopping Hiatus” I picked up these boots from Pretty Little Thing EMMI Black Faux Suede Extreme Thigh High Boots  I Love these boots. They fit to perfection, and are very comfortable and the heel is just the right height.

The following supporting piece to my current passion was this Olive Green Shirt that I got from A’Gaci Store online, it has splits on each side and is longer than your average T-shirt. I added a little flair by knotting the front split leaving the back down to cover up slightly 😉 The final challenge when understanding and walking in your purpose is to figure out how you are going the execute, My Execution was completed by grabbing my roommate and doing a late night photoshoot, because at this given time my main purpose was to figure out this outfit so that I can clear my mind and go to bed lol
Your purpose/passion can be small or large the question is are you willing to undergo the pressure and work to figure out your purpose??? Let me know in the comments below!!


Are you a DIAMOND or COAL? You take your pick with the effort you put in! Remember loves it will not be easy but the end result will be well worth the pressure. ❤5dff1848-5ab5-4376-a5ef-1fb47b50ddda

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See you next time loves!!! Don’t Forget to be GREAT in everything you do!!!


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