Curls by the Pound

Naturalistas where art thou you? Who’s ready for a change with the hair I know I am, Wash & Go anyone? yea this is one style I am still trying to master. I know being natural is the one of the biggest things that can switch up. And depending on your hair texture depends on how you hair will react to differently. So this wash and go thing its never just a “Wash & Go” for me. If I just wash & go by curls dry really tight and undefined. The best thing about a wash & go is supposed to be that you woke up, washed your hair and said I;m done ….Nope! Not Gone Happen! lol


My hair texture tangles easily and are very tight coils. So my favorite product to use is the ECO Styler Gel, preferably the Clear gel. I have tried the other gels like the Olive and Argon Oil gel but it flakes a lot in my hair. Its like it just sits on top of my hair. No Bueno!

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To accomplish my “Wash & Go” Style I normally start of freshly washed hair that has been deep conditioned and detangled. Detangling before is a #MajorKey. If you do not do this there is a high chance when you are applying the Eco Styler that your hair may pull out.

Items Used: Wide Tooth Comb, Spray Bottle, and Eco Styler …Thats it!!!

So your hair is washed and detangled next I try to determine how I want my hair to lay once I am complete and I part my hair the desired way then section my hair off. This time around I wanted a deep part on the right and the rest of the hair to fall the the left. So I parted my hair as such. Following that I take small sections of hair and apply the Eco Stlyer in a generous amount and take it from the roots to the ends.

With my hair the gel molds to my natural curl pattern and I twist my hair around my fingers so that it is even more defined. Once I twist the hair around my finger I let it hang and dry as such. My hair tends to stretch during this process then as the hair dry the curls get slightly tighter. I continue this process all the way around my head. Big thing to remember it to complete this on Wet/Damp hair. So as you are moving through this process you may need a spray water bottle handy to wet the hair if it drys out during the process.

Once you have completed the process allow your hair to air dry. Once it has air dried you can decide to leave it how it is or you can grab a wide tooth comb or pick and go to the roots of your hair and tease it a little to add some fullness.

It took me 30-45mins to apply the Eco Styler to my whole head ( I was on the phone at the same time) but you may be quicker than me so it just depends on your speed. Now my hair dries veeeerrryyyyy slow so my hair normally can stay wet for 2-4 hours depending on where I am, so a trick to have it dry quicker is to use the diffuser on your blowdryer and use the cool setting

Once your done you have a bomb “Wash & Go”

Now this is how I achieve my Wash and Go I know everyone is different comment below how you accomplish your Wash & Go. Maybe you have some tricks I can learn, always willing to try something new 🙂

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