Walk in your Purpose

Ever wondered what your purpose was? I mean like really sat down to try and figure out what your purpose was??? Well lets just say over the past few months I been really asking myself what am I here for. What am I good at? What do I love to do without hesitation. Two things makeup and styling. Putting different looks together understanding my curves and what look good on my body type, and completing a makeup that coincides Perfectly! Continue Reading and you’ll get to understand my thought process in walking in my current purpose……

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Oversized Sweatshirts, Vans, and Aviators 

HONNNNEEEYY!!!! The sun is still slowly creeping out and today the did its thang!! Now it still had a little breeze outside so I had to make sure I covered up Continue reading “Oversized Sweatshirts, Vans, and Aviators “

Curls by the Pound

Naturalistas where art thou you? Who’s ready for a change with the hair I know I am, Wash & Go anyone? yea this is one style I am still trying to master. I know being natural is the one of the biggest things that can switch up. And depending on your hair texture depends on how you hair will react to differently. So this wash and go thing its never just a “Wash & Go” for me. If I just wash & go by curls dry really tight and undefined. The best thing about a wash & go is supposed to be that you woke up, washed your hair and said I;m done ….Nope! Not Gone Happen! lol


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