Curls, Army Fatigues, and Heels 🤔

Monday was a big day for me I had an event at Denison University. The Event was focused only on natural hair care and makeup, two things I can take about for hours.  So I wasn’t worried about what I was going to say but more about what I was going to wear. “The biggest issue” 

I knew my audience were college students so I did t want to be over the top in a dress more casual with flare 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Recently I did a little retail therapy (not that I needed to smdh) and I got this periwinkle Blue Tshirt that has a curved bottom and slits on the side from A’Gaci. I looked at it and said yup this is it!  Now to put something together lmao can’t walk out the house without bottoms. So I had to make go decision between boyfriend or skinny jeans, chose skinny. Distressed or no distressing, Distressed  ✅. Heels or flats 😂😂who am I kidding Heels.

Now I looked is the mirror and it was still too boring so I grabbed my Army Fatigue jacket a black belt with gold embellishments and snatched this waist! I started with just the gold choker but it was still too Mediocre so I layered the neck area with a necklace I found in the clearance section of target last summer and topped it off with Clear Readers from A’gaci

Looked back in the mirror winked at myself and said girl you did that

**click the links on each item and it will take you to the site where I got each item*

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