Spring Time Fine 💋

Omg Spring is here well that’s what the calendar said at least! I hope it’s really here, because I am so depressed and blah in the winter ❄️ So today was 70 degrees 😳. Can you believe it 70 in March in the Midwest??? Neither can I and you know what that means bright colors and fresh faces😍. So I looked through my lipstick collection (Lets just say it was a task I have so many colors 😩) found the brightest color and built a look off it. Let me tell you Honey I was feeling myself after I got done!! But I had nowhere to go Haha such a pity and a shame right?

So before we go into this amazing color choice I started with my eyes and built around the lip color. I used my new fav the Tarte Tartiest ProPalette for the eyes! 🍯 It is everything!!! The colors are so pigmented and so easy to build on. Nice mixture of neutrals and bold shades. I used innocent on the lid. Followed by whimsy and mod in the crease, now let me tell you both of those colors are powerful and she can quickly go from soft and sultry to strong and drag. The key is to BLEND. After the crease I applied minx to the lid, I sprayed setting spray from Elf on the brush then dip in the shadow #magic.

The lip color I chose was  Colour Pop “Bad Habit” it’s a very bold color and with any look you want to make sure there is a balance and you find a focal point. My focal point was the lips 👄 so I chose eyeshadow shades that complimented the lips. If I didn’t chose the shadows wisely this look could have shifted very quickly. Now this shade from ColourPop is very pigmented however it is exactly what the names says Ultra matte so before applying any ultra matte please moisturize the lips like DJ Khaled said #MajorKey

Now ladies it would be no fun if I just said everything on here right? Head over to my YouTube channel Molique Juante’ and see how I accomplished the below look

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See you next time 😘😘


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