Adorned by Chi

Being Nerdy 🤓 is a good thing and I wish more people would accept their nerdy ways we all have our on quirks that’s what makes us different #teamnerdy

The “Nerd” Culture in America is often underestimated when young kids are growing up. Many are teased and bullied just on the fact they are different. Although they may not be as popular and cool, being nerdy has helped one young black woman give a whole new definition to the term.

Adorned by Chi is a lifestyle brand for women of color who fall under the cute, quirky, and nerdy category. The creator, Jacque Aye, was raised in a traditional Nigerian household where being a nerd was seen as a way of having a better lifestyle. Although Aye was a great student growing up she used her love for fashion to help express her lifestyle.

“It was always meant to be a side hustle, a way for me to glorify God with my gifts and also diversify the way Black women are portrayed in fashion and media”, said Aye.


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