Road Trippin’

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear road trip? I think tight space, sore butt, sleep, annoying convos lol but there are some major things I need to get through the trip. My top items include  a hat, shades, comfy shoes,  and a good playlist. 
Well let’s start with the hat. I have been Obsessed with dad hats they are like my fave so this trip my hat was a distressed light wash denim dad hat that I got from…you’ll never guess but I’ll give you a second to think 🤔🤔🤔🤔 nope not there. I got it from Meijer,  Yes I know crazy but happy I did 

If you know me then you know sunglasses 😎 are one of my favorite accessories they pull a look together,they cover your face if you don’t have makeup and you might look a little rough 👀, and last but not least cover your face when you are being a tad shady, or hell a lotta shade #noshade = being shady just FYI 

My shade of choice this trip was the Black reflective aviators from Quay love love love them

Now I don’t know about you but comfy shoes ones you can slide on and off is a #MajorKey (DJ Khaled voice). This time I went with my hot pink and Aqua harauche. It’s like walking on clouds 

Last but certainly not least the playlist. Important to include Queen Bey, Eric Bellinger, Bruno Mars, New Edition,  Big Sean, Kehlani and whoever else you would like to include and hopefully once you get done performing all your jams in the car you should have made it to your destination for me it was 9 hours later and 🙌🏾🙌🏾 thank God we made it lol 


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