Dear Summer 2017,

Summer 2016, brought a quarter of a century  as well as major tan lines. Summer 2017, I need you to bring that and so much more. Unlike the winter, summer is the time to shine. We have worked all winter/spring on our summer bodies and honey let me tell you its about to be LIT. Even Littier (is that a word?) than last year. 

 We are in the season of living life to the fullest. We have been given one life and when I get older I want to look back at my younger years and say GIRL Yo Life was LIT hahahahaha 
fullsizerender-8Life is short and the time you spend doing the things you love will be more meaningful and memorable then the time spent in negative spaces. Summer 2017 is around the corner and Las Vegas, Miami, Gatlinburg, Fort Lauderdale was fun but its time to do more!!!




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I am a young professional exploring life through fashion

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